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Office of Science Engagement

Molecular Biology Summer Program
Molecular Biology Summer Program

The objective of the Molecular Biology Summer Program in Shanghai is to promote global program experiences for life science students within the Eberly College of Science. The course is designed to enrich students’ understanding and sophistication in molecular cell biology.  Students will simultaneously have opportunities to interact with Fudan University students and instructors.


BMB 460 Cell Growth and Differentiation will be taught by Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose, PSU Department of BMB and Dr. Hong Ma, PSU Department of Biology and Dean of Life Sciences at Fudan University.

Cell Growth and Differentiation is a unique course that uses the primary literature to teach significant content in advanced cell biology while simultaneously exposing students to the scientific craft of experimental design and analysis.  In addition to exploring historical and current cell biology research articles, students will develop two vital scientific skills; critical thinking as applied to experimental data and creative thinking about solving unresolved questions in cell biology.  Specific course topics will include:

  • Cells in their social context: Signaling in metastasis and tumor progression
  • Cell-cell signaling: Growth factor signaling in differentiation
  • Cell death: non-apoptotic mechanisms
  • Stem Cells: Developmental Reprogramming and iPSCs and Cancer

The program will consist of classroom discussions, lectures, laboratory visits and organized group trips to cultural sites in Shanghai and surrounding cities including museums, historical sites and shows. Taught at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, one of the top universities in China, this summer program allows students to learn the course content while experiencing Chinese culture through organized activities and interaction with Chinese students in and out of the classroom.



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Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose, Faculty program coordinator and program leader, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Penn State University

Dr. Hong Ma, Program leader, Distinguished Professor, Department of Biology

Shanghai, China

Summer 2017

BMB 460 – Cell Growth and Differentiation

Prerequisite(s): BMB 251

Students pose outside of Lingyin Temple
Fudan University

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