Office of Science Engagement

Office of Science Engagement

Short-Term Science Programs Abroad

Short-Term Science Programs Abroad

Earn science credits for less than a semester abroad
Coastal Biology - BIOL 482

Research coral reefs with this spring semester course that travels to Curacao over spring break

Learn more about BIOL 482

Cell Development & Cancer Biology - BIOL 416

Spend three weeks over the summer studying cancer biology with local students in China

Learn more about BIOL 416

Biology of Eco-Health - BIOL 498A

Study the regional ecology and human-environment interaction along the Serengeti plains

Learn more about BIOL 498A

Tropical Field Ecology - BIOL 499A

Gain valuable research experience while studying the ecology of Costa Rica during winter break

Learn more about BIOL 499A

Molecular Biology Summer Program

Enrich your understanding of molecular cell biology and reproductive systems in Shanghai

Learn more about the Molecular Biology Summer Program

Renewable Energy – PHYS 299

Learn how Costa Rica is a world leader in the use of renewable energy technologies

Learn more about PHYS 299

Basic Aspects of Superconductivity - PHYS 499

Study superconductivity under a Nobel Laureate in Shanghai, China

Learn more about PHYS 499

If you are interested in taking science class abroad, you have a couple of options:

1. Science Courses Abroad –

    • Vary from 0.5-3 credits and last from 1-3 weeks
    • Taught when regular classes are not in session, to avoid “losing” a semester.
    • Focused on experiential learning, whether through field study or lab research in a cross-cultural context.
    • All led by faculty members from the Penn State College of Science

Explore science courses abroad using the navigation menu on the left

2. Summer School at the University of Sussex (England) –

Find out more about Sussex Summer School


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