Office of Science Engagement

Office of Science Engagement

Summer Undergraduate Research

Summer Undergraduate Research

Summer research provides an excellent opportunity to conduct research at other institutions
Go for it!

It will take some searching to find the perfect opportunity. Explore the helpful links on the right to start your search. You are encouraged to develop some of your own strategies

Why participate in a summer research?

  • It is a full-time position (6-12 weeks) that will boost your resume.
  • You will earn money, and housing is included!
  • Some programs provide allowances for meals, and related travel.
  • You will meet new people, and expand your network.
  • You will develop presentation experience by participating in a symposium.
  • It will be a learning experience that will make academic year research easier and more productive.
  • It is great for your career and professional development, and provides social opportunities as well.It will be a fun and fulfilling experience!

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