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Internship Credits

Internship Credit

How to start the internship credit process
Application instructions

  • The application is online.
  • You will be asked to upload a completed Adviser Approval form and a copy of your offer letter on company letterhead
  • The Adviser Approval form must be signed by your academic adviser. Your adviser can contact our office with any questions
  • Your offer letter must contain the following information: Date, job title, exact start date, exact end date, hours worked per week, specific address to where you will be working, brief description of duties, employer signature, signatory’s name and title
Guidelines and information

Internship credit is only offered when the internship experience relates in some way to a student’s academic plan and educational goals.

Internship credit is offered as SC 294 or SC 494 depending on the skills and responsibilities required by the position

Students may be eligible to receive between 1-3 credits. Eligibility depends on several factors, and decisions must be made with the guidance of an academic adviser

The course cannot be added retroactively after the start of the internship experience

Registration for SC 294 and SC 494 is limited to students with majors or minors in the Eberly College of Science. We encourage other students to check with the career resource center within their college for available internship credit options.

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