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Internship Credit

How to start the internship credit process
Tips to start thinking about participating in the internship program:

  • Check with your academic advisor one to two semesters before applying to determine whether or not you can use internship credit (SC 294 or SC 494) to fulfill any specific degree requirements in your major.
  • Start looking for and applying to internship, undergraduate research experiences (REUs), and other career-related summer opportunities early – some organizations have deadlines in late fall for the following summer!
  • Sophomore year is NOT too early to start thinking about getting experience. Some organizations might require specific skills that you don’t have yet, since you haven’t completed a lot of upper-level science courses, but there also are opportunities for students who have a good basic science foundation.
  • If you have an internship and don’t want to get academic credit, please notify the Office of Science Engagement  where you’ll be working.  We like to know about the  career-related experiences our students are participating in over the summer.


Upon deciding to participate in the internship program, you will be asked to submit the Internship Credit Form

If you have been offered a summer internship assignment related to your major, you may be eligible to receive between 1 – 3 credits for the upcoming experience. Key for receiving academic credit is the description of duties of what you will be doing.  They need to be related in some way to your major/career interests.  You must be registered for either SC 294 or SC 494 before you start your internship.  Retroactive adding the course is not permitted.

If you are interested in earning academic credit for your assignment, please do the following:

  1. Complete of the Internship Credit Form.  You fill out page 1 then your internship supervisor fills out the top of page 2 and then signs it.  Next contact your academic advisor to determine how the credit fits in your academic plan (SC 294 vs SC 494, number of credits – 1, 2, or 3)  and obtain that person’s signature.
  2. Provide the completed form plus offer letter to the Office of Science Engagement in 211 Ritenour Building.
  3. If approved for credit, then you will be registered for the appropriate course (SC 294 or SC 494) by the staff in the Office of Science Engagement.
  4. For international students who need a CPT, the next step involves and initiating iSTART.
  5. Throughout the summer session, you will be required to submit the appropriate SC 294 or SC 494 activities to earn a satisfactory (SA) or Unsatisfactory (UN) grade for the course.

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